Optional Extras

Ignition can offer a number of related insurance products that, when added to the car insurance policy, can provide motorists with even greater peace of mind.

All Ignition car insurance policies include a free key recovery service. Policyholders will be sent a set of unique key tags to help with recovery in the event of loss.

Each of these additional products has been sourced by Ignition from a specialist insurer and has been selected for both the quality and value that they offer.

If you are interested in any of the products, please call 0800 110 5700 and Ignition's telephone advisors will explain each of these Optional Extras to you in order to help you to create a tailor-made insurance solution.

Please note that Ignition will only sell these great value extras alongside a car insurance policy, within 14 days of the policy start date.

Breakdown Cover

Ignition has teamed up with the RAC to provide three levels of UK and European breakdown cover from just £49.95 a year. Breakdown cover is essential for motorists who want to plan for unwelcome surprises, providing assistance to get you back on the road as well as covering costly callout charges.

0800 110 5700
£34.95per year

Motor Legal Expenses

If you have a road accident that is not your fault, you may be able to claim for out-of-pocket expenses ("uninsured losses") such as your policy excess and loss of earnings from the driver responsible for the accident. A Motor Legal Expenses policy can help with this process, providing cover for up to £75,000 of legal expenses and access to a 24 hour legal helpline for just £34.95.

0800 110 5700

Replacement Vehicle Cover

In the event of your car being stolen or not repairable following an accident, a Replacement Vehicle policy will help you get back on to the road quickly. With cover available for just £29.95 a year, the policy will provide a hire car for up to two weeks.

0800 110 5700

Excess Protection

Ignition policyholders over the age of 19 can buy one of four levels of Excess Protection cover from just £34.95, allowing you to reclaim your car insurance policy excess payment on one insurance claim per year. This cover is particularly suited to motorists with higher levels of excess on their policies.

0800 110 5700
£24.95per year

Key Cover

Losing a set of keys can result in worry, hassle and unexpected bills. Ignition gives all of its policyholders access to a key recovery service at no cost. For £24.95 - policyholders can upgrade this to a full Key Cover policy which will provide cover for replacement locks; provision of a replacement vehicle; and overnight accommodation where applicable.

0800 110 5700



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